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New Hope New Life

new hope new life

Housing 135 Orphaned Children

This orphanage receives new children from many small orphanages that are closing due to strict regulations. They offer decent clothing food and shelter, evening tuition classes and excursions for the children. Through these various schemes and activities they truly offer the children under care, new hope and new life.

This home impressed us with its effective use of space and efficiency. Housing about 135 boys and girls is not an easy task. Expanding their facilities like toilets and equipment is a daily challenge. The lively children stole our hearts with their laughter n smile. We served special lunch for the children. They require help in the building of 5 more toilets, which we are trying to help with. This is the 2nd year we are supporting this home.

Supplies provided:

1 x Computer

2 x Rice Cookers 5ltr n 10ltr

10 x Chairs

10 x Dustbins

80 x Floor Mats

80 x Bed sheets

80 x Pillows

80 x Towels

135 x Plate n Tumbler Sets

135 x School Shoes

135 x Stationery Sets