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When you give to Project Arpana, you know your donation will make a difference. Whether you are supporting one of our Special Programs or our carefully selected list of homes to support, our team volunteers works hard every day to ensure every dollar makes an impact. Contact us to find out how we go about identifying and finally selecting the homes to support.

Our Experience Since 2013

Our over 60 volunteers from Singapore and India have so far supported more than 46 homes since 2013, benefiting over 2500 people, all made possible by over more than 200 contributors. We also partner other self help groups with their Signature Programs.

  • We don't give for the sake of giving
  • Be personally involved in the giving
  • Making every contribution count
  • Share in the joy of giving

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Questions / Answers

What is Project Arpana About?

How did Project Arpana start?

When based in India for media work, Mr Mathi Alagan saw the plight of occupants of some homes there and wanted to do something within his capacity to address this. Realising that a little bit of funds from Singapore could make a great difference in the lives of these people in need, he started approaching ...

Why Project Arpana?

Most of us try to give back to society, within our own capacity. We can only do so much on our own. Project Arpana offers a platform for us to come together as one and pool our resources to make a considerable difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. Project Arpana advocates active giving. Instead ...

What Happens at Project Arpana?

Friends in Singapore and India come together to contribute a decent amount of funds annually. This forms our operating budget. Our volunteer team in India scour the many NGOs there to find the ones that are in need of immediate support. Our volunteers visit these NGOs, find out and assess these needs. Our volunteers propose ...


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